Nuxeo World conference

It seems that despite my best intentions this blog idea has faltered! I have plenty of post ideas sketched out, so I must get round to posting them!

Anyway for now I am going to take my lead from @piewords as he is not in Paris this year for Nuxeo World and I am going to try live blogging the event.

From the get go I should point out that I am not a Nuxeo customer or partner, but have attended this event for the last three years because I enjoy the Nuxeo style and people, so much more engaged than the average sales pitch. I do feel that in the near future I will be implementing Nuxeo as you can’t ignore progress and keep flogging the same old cat.

Anyway all posts from the conference will contain this disclaimer which I have shamelessly borrowed from @piewords, I hope he does not mind! If the disclaimer is missing it means I forgot to include it *not* that it does not apply!

All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but will not be otherwise indicated.

All statements about the future of Nuxeo products and strategy are subject to change at any time due to a large variety of factors.

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