The Power of the Platform

Brendan Covney

Brendan started by describing his view of what makes a platform as distinct from an application with some API’s that allow developers extend it. A true platform allows for the development of a custom content based application using the API’s

Naked content “platforms” are really only file shares, real content platforms must support a rich combination of content and meta data, allowing the 2 to interact. By using the API’s from the platform, application designers should be able to build their own extendable applications.

A technology platform should provide 2 levels, in the first instance there should be immediate benefits, with the ability to extend it without breaking the original functionality.

Brendan spoke very well on the subject of standards and not being a “standards Junkie”, know what the standards are and why you are implementing them – they must really be a logical fit for your requirements, don’t just follow slavishly the latest standards.

The wrap up of Brendans talk came back to the issue of what makes a platform successful, the final part was that a good Content Management platform allows the development of applications that solve business requirements in a timely and efficient manner, both now and into the future.

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