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Unfortunately due to connectivity problems I was not able to upload throughout the day, so this post is an amalgamation of my notes for the day. All in all a good day, I’m looking forward to the training day tomorrow.

UI Frameworks

Having missed a session on Continuous Integration, due to having to do some real work, we are back for the presentation on UI Frameworks

UI divided into areas for Actions, Forms, content view etc, with a theme for overall look and feel.

Key design strategy for the UI framework:

  • Consistancy
  • Plugability
  • Re-Usability

UI can be configured through Nuxeo Studio

After a quick overview there was more of a deep dive into the different aspects of the framework:

Theme: Defines the branding of the application (logos, overall colour scheme etc.) and the overall layout of the pages.

Layouts & Widgets: Display Meta data in forms, available in different modes for View and edit to re-use the same form. Forms can provide validation & feedback to guide the user. Developed using JSF and facelets.

Actions: Actions handle navigation and call functions. Display of actions is dependant on user, selected document type etc.,

Content Views: Show forms for meta data and documents / content that match query in a single view. Ability to show lists from external data sources.

Tabs: New feature for Nuxeo 5.6, allows tabable UI for all of the above

The talk wrapped up with an overview of what is coming next, which includes:

Adding more widgets natively to the platform for Tree views etc., Live validation widgets, easier native support for mobile access.

Nuxeo Roadmap

Thierry Delprat

First session after Lunch, always a difficult one! Thierry Gave us an overview of where Nuxeo was going technically. He started by indicating that OSGi /CDI was still the long term goal but they would not implement it for the sake of it, The plan is to have version 6 fully OSGi / CDI compliant.

We then moved on to the Webservices. The plan is to extend the Webservice model, particularly generating WSDL’s automatically. Also there will be methods of accessing webservice functions from within Nuxeo Studio. Thierry also filled us in on the nuts and bolts upgrades that would be implemented in the Nuxeo Core, again the key here is improved speed.

In terms of UI elements, it was pointed out that many people want a “simpler” solution than JSF, but there seems to not be many clear alternatives. For version 6 JSF2 is still the most likely framework.

For cloud based deployments, here are 2 current flavours, Amazon for which Nuxeo is currently looking to deploy using RDS for the SQL database elements. The second solution is Azure, and work is on-going to support Nuxeo on Azure. Work is also going on to build an application factory that will allow Nuxeo to be able to deploy itself on the Cloud, provisioning Virtual machines as required for load.

There followed a number of slides covering the tools available both to the community members and for the Connect customers. One of the main improvements for Studio was to allow multi user studio projects, using the power of the Git repository on which it is built

On the client side, improvements incude Nuxeo Drive (already mentioned this morning) which is a multi platform desktop client. It will be extensible on the client side. Aldo HTM5 and Mobile UI improvements

In terms of the “packaged solutions” like DM / DAM etc, there is a convergence of these projects bringing them all under a single look and feel. The exception is the Case management Framework (CMF) which, while good for very complex case management applications, is too complicated for the average simple case management applications.  The answer to this is to allow CMF mailboxes within DM which will allow “simple” case management applications to be built on DM.

Next release targets are 5.7 to be released Q1 2013, and 6.0 in Q4 2013

Content Routing & Workflows

Alan Escaffe & Floriant ?

Originally Nuxeo used jBPM as a workflow engine. The new content routing has been in development for 2 years, originally as part of CMF.  The content Routing 2.0 is now available within the platform.

Workflows are designed within Nuxeo Studio graphically and them deployed to the application. Workflows can be assigned to documents, folders or groups of documents

Alan gave us an overview of basic BPM functionality, emphasising the business advantage to having managed process, especially in terms of reporting and visibility of the process.

Floriant then gave a quick presentation of why Nuxeo decided to write their own Workflow engine rather than using an existing engine. Primarily there was a desire to have seamless integration to prevent having to parse data backwards and forwards between the platform and the 3rd party engine. The current workflow engine is basically an extension of the content automation process that was always available, but with the ability to build arbitrary graphs, i.e link any task to any other based on conditions.

Lightening Talks

The Lightning talks format is one of my preferred formats for conferences, providing a brief overview of a specific subject. The subjects covered in the first Lightning talk session were:

Support – A presentation on how Nuxeo deal with the customer support calls, covering how the calls are triaged, escalated and called, also covering the general increase in volume of support calls as the number of customers increases

Scalability – This talk covered the ability of Nuxeo to deal with large data volumes, in general large quantities of content files are not considered and issue, with the system being load tested to 100 Million documents, however the real scalability issues come in where the database queries are concerned. We were given some advice on streamlining queries and using group based security models to reduce the load on the database. Also there is the possibility to run multiple instances and load balance the request.

Semantic content enrichment and indexing – A very slick demo of the ability of the semantic engine to pull references from Wikipedia, and to show all documents which reference this entity. Specifically the semantic analysis that was language independent, showing the semantic analysis working against an Arabic document (This demo was very similar to one given last year at Nuxeo World). The next part of the demo showed a new development where video content was uploaded and automatically transcribed to allow semantic entity analysis automatically on video content, including multi lingual full text queries of the transcription of the video, the demo that was used was a video in Arabic, the searched using a search term in French (very cool!).  Apache stambol and temis are used as the Semantic engines linking to DBPedia & Freebase and others. Speech to text transcription of video done using VOCAPIA research plugin for Nuxeo.

After a quick coffee we are back for more Lightning talks…

Brazilian e-government project – Document imaging and workflow process that used to have 200 Tonnes of paper moving annually through the system. Improved business compliance and all captured paper properly managed. 1600 users working daily on Nuxeo platform. Includes SMS interaction to communicate with the citizens that were using the services.

Mobile framework – It started with 3 apps, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Fully HTML based application. Only the HTML app is currently fully functional, the other 2 are staged awaiting sponsors. The HTML based application was enhanced with Apache Cordova. Cordova adds the ability to interact with native mobile functions while only having minor device specific code. Nice demo showing the Mobile app working or document preview and uploading content and images from the mobile device into the Nuxeo document store

Nuxeo Drive – Desktop / ECM integration. Neat demo of the Nuxeo Drive which is currently in development, to allow a platform independent desktop integration to allow you to edit the documents locally and sync the content with the Nuxeo Document store. Ability to synchronise complete workspaces.


All information in this post was gathered from the presenters and presentation. It does not reflect my opinion unless clearly indicated (Italics in parenthesis). Any errors are most likely from my misunderstanding a statement or imperfectly recording the information. Updates to correct information are reflected in red, but will not be otherwise indicated.

All statements about the future of Nuxeo products and strategy are subject to change at any time due to a large variety of factors.



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