Shove over old codger, the next generation are here!

I recently saw a tweet about how we should teach our kids to type even though they probably will not need it. Well for the most part they won’t.

My eldest daughter has just started to learn to code through coder dojo in Cork. It is amazing to watch the excitement of getting hello world to appear, and it reminds me of my first experience of coding learned from my own father over 30 years ago.

Of course things are different now, and despite working in IT my whole career, I can still learn from a child. When it came to searching for pictures in google, I explained that she should type the question into the box. She simply clicked the microphone icon dictated her question and asked me “why do you type it dad?”

The answer, I’m ashamed to say is because I assumed it would be rubbish at voice recognition, a 7 year old in 2013 assumes she can talk to the computer!

The end game is that voice recognition is still not perfect because “this is stupid dad, I asked for a colouring picture of a fairy and an angel under a mushroom and there was none” epic fail google 😉

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