Who am I?

This blog is written by Les Mahon, a consultant in the ECM and BPM space, based in Ireland.

I am the owner / director of an independant consultancy firm, Gingertec Ltd.,  that specialises in the implementation of large scale ECM and BPM implementations. This blog, although often influenced by my day to day work, is in no way an official company blog.

My first introduction to the wonderful world of computing was when my father, who also worked in the IT world, brought home a Commodore PET – for those lucky enough to be too young to remember this wonderful beast the details can be found here. With considerable help I was able to program a repeating loop that would make a rocket ship move up the screen – magic. That was 30 years ago at least as I write this, but I was bitten by the bug without realising it. For me the ability of a computer to the same thing over and over again was incredible – and I marvel to this day that this basic tenet of computing is not better leveraged in the average office environment. So many times I see groups of people all doing the same job from scratch in very similar but different ways. I’m not talking here about hugely complicated tasks…. I’m talking about writing letters!

Anyway, as I write this I am not sure what will come of this blog, but I do know that I am determined to post at least once a month and beyond that a much as time will allow!